International Journal of Research in Advanced Engineering and Technology

ISSN: 2455-0876

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Asymptotic characterization of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) channel assignment for wireless applications
Pages: 01-11  
Dynamics and control of binary distillation column
Pages: 12-17  
Implementation of remote authentication using chaotic encryption over biometric sample image
Pages: 18-20  
Performance measurement and energy efficiency of smartphone for offloading task to cloud
Pages: 21-23  
Review of graphical password: Pass image edge detection
Pages: 24-27  
X‚ÄďANOVA ranked features for android malware analysis
Pages: 28-33  
Robust fuzzy logic power system stabilizer designed using hopf bifurcations
Pages: 34-39  
Design of modified Bottom scraping unit
Pages: 40-42  
Power quality improvement by using multi converter unified power quality conditioning system
Pages: 43-47  
Cost saving of clinching operation by using hydraulic and pneumatic actuators
Pages: 48-51  
Control of buck-boost chopper type AC voltage regulator
Pages: 52-56  
Effect diameter of throat 8, 7 mm in improving performance liquid jet gas pump
Pages: 57-60  
Sorting Techniques in data Structure Alluvial Zone
Pages: 61-71  
Influence of number of access points for fingerprinting indoor positioning accuracy
Pages: 72-74  
Load forecasting using artificial neural networks
Pages: 75-78  
Microcontroller-based solar energy tracker system with single axis orientation
Pages: 79-86  
Analysis of automatic train control
Pages: 87-90  
An optimum algorithm to improve BER using CDMA technique in underwater communication for BPSK modulation
Pages: 94-97  
Estimation of time of travel for oil spillage in coastal region
Pages: 98-101  
Estimation of seepage loss from canal by inflow-outflow method & comparative study of canal lining materials (A case study of NLBC, Malegaon, Tal-Baramati)
Pages: 102-107  
Comparison of area reduction method and area increment method for reservoir sedimentation distribution - Case study Ujjani dam
Pages: 108-111  
Simulation bit error rate using QAM technique
Pages: 112-117  
Kinetic studies of hydrochloric acid leaching of iron from agbaja clay
Pages: 118-123  
Design and Implementation of a keyboard collector application system for fraud detection
Pages: 124-129  
Optimization of location, size of opening hole in a pressure vessel cylinder
Pages: 130-135  
Improvement based study related with handover latency of mobile IP
Pages: 136-139  
Design and implementation of a microcontroller-based digital filter
Pages: 140-149  
The simulation and modeling of active filters
Pages: 150-156  
Production of biogas from goat dung and determination of total solid concentration
Pages: 157-161  
Protocol for database collection in Indian scenario
Pages: 162-164  
Variable search windows for slow, Medium and fast motion sequences
Pages: 165-167  
A study on rehabilitation methods for deformed pavements
Pages: 168-170  
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