International Journal of Research in Advanced Engineering and Technology

ISSN: 2455-0876

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Flow Mobility Modeling In Vanet
Pages: 01-03  
The risk level of Viet Nam construction industry under financial leverage during and after the global crisis 2009-2011
Pages: 04-12  
Comparative evaluations of the microstructure and corrosion rates of stainless steel pipe conveying saltwater and petrol
Pages: 13-23  
Conjugate analysis of removed phosphorus concentration during bioleaching of iron oxide ore using Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans (ATF)
Pages: 24-28  
Data analysis of farm accident through agricultural mechanization
Pages: 29-34  
Maximum production of penicillin G culture media
Pages: 35-39  
Contrast and SURF based Dehazing for Robust Image Matching
Pages: 40-43  
Reliable fingerprint minutiae points’ recognition using distance method algorithm
Pages: 44-48  
Effect of Dg penetration level on the real power losses in radial distribution systems
Pages: 49-52  
Intelligent neural network with greedy alignment for Job-Shop scheduling
Pages: 53-64  
Comparative study of spectrum sensing for cognitive radio system using energy detection and matched filter detection techniques
Pages: 65-69  
Effect of niobium addition on the structure and mechanical properties of aluminum bronze (Cu-10%Al) alloy
Pages: 70-75  
A Bayesian study on the Half-Normal distribution using No informative priors
Pages: 76-81  
Scheme of quaternary logic for reducing control lines in multiplexer
Pages: 82-88  
Preventive measures of zinc in natural sea water using Cnidoscolus Chayamansa leaves extract
Pages: 89-97  
A brief literature study of data warehouse development techniques
Pages: 98-99  
Welding: Its methods, methodology and safety measures
Pages: 100-105  
Semantic web: Need, opportunities, and challenges in the modern day world
Pages: 106-111  
A study on methods to measure residual stress
Pages: 112-114  
A study on query optimization in generic RDBMS
Pages: 115-119  
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