International Journal of Research in Advanced Engineering and Technology

ISSN: 2455-0876

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Magneto hydro dynamic generators: A solution for future energy crisis
Pages: 01-07  
Active power filters for harmonics reduction in power system
Pages: 08-11  
Economic Laod dispatch with genetic algorithm based solution
Pages: 12-14  
A comparative analysis for economic Laod dispatch with GA and PSO based solution
Pages: 15-17  
Mathematical Modeling of engine new and used oils
Pages: 18-22  
Production improvement using kanban system
Pages: 23-26  
Big Data analytics in government systems
Pages: 27-33  
Solar irradiance and optimum tilt angle of photovoltaic module in Tanjung Morawa, North Sumatera, Indonesia
Pages: 34-38  
A case study smart dust and major challenges towards ITS implementations
Pages: 39-47  
Decrease of Electromagnetic Interference
Pages: 48-50  
Simulation Using Location Aware Adaptive Routing Protocol
Pages: 51-54  
Piezo-Electric Pressure Gauge by Differential Comparison with Vacuum
Pages: 55-58  
Experimental electrolysis under high voltage conditions
Pages: 59-63  
Kinetics studies of hydrochloric acid leaching of alumina from Agbaja clay
Pages: 64-72  
The risk level of Viet Nam software industry under the impacts of a two factors model during and after the global crisis 2007-2011
Pages: 73-82  
A study on grouting technique and its significance
Pages: 83-85  
A study on the desiccation cracks and their significance
Pages: 86-89  
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