International Journal of Research in Advanced Engineering and Technology

ISSN: 2455-0876

Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2016)

Effects of temperature in an industrial bitumen mixing system approach

Author(s): Ntunde DI
Abstract: An industrial Bitumen Mixing System Philosophy was discovered to function abnormally, and an investigation was conducted to verify if the control philosophy performs as designed. Results obtained from the investigation show that the control philosophy was not working as required or designed. The result of the verification showed at the metering station that the control philosophy of expected blend ratio 88.45%:11.55% for the hard grade and soft grade respectively, now worked in a blend ratio of about 80%:20%. The result of temperature effect indicated that the present actual working temperature of the system is 160oc, and its flow rate was about 6.63kg/sec which caused the high percentage of the soft grade during the blending process. This theoretical modelled temperature effect indicates the present viscosity of 0.039pa, velocity 0.037m/sec and pressure drop of the soft grade in the pipe. Therefore the verified result explains the reason for the irregular flow parameters of the system and the closing of the soft grade valve, during a loading operation. The investigation result reveals the reason and present set values of the flow parameters that resulted to the abnormal behaviour of the control system. Solution for this irregularity was achieved from the investigation result, which reveals on the model, the required temperature of 140octhat will give the desired blend ratio of flow rate 2.291kg/sec at a velocity of 0.037m/sec and viscosity of 0.11pa of soft grade. This had led to the recommendation of different solution process and measures to be taken to achieve the desired working control philosophy.
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