International Journal of Research in Advanced Engineering and Technology

ISSN: 2455-0876

Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2016)

Energy-efficiency improvement on roadway lighting using wireless sensor networks

Author(s): Ozor Godwin O, Asogwa Tochukwu C, Nwobodo Lois O
Abstract: The concept of energy from public utilities like roadway lighting was extensively and critically discussed in this paper. The world is facing energy crisis both in supply and cost. The model for energy efficiency in public roadway lighting was developed using wireless sensor networks to monitor the environment and to take real-time decision on lighting, whether to be in off, dimming or full bright light state. The work was simulated and compared with two traditional pattern namely: roadway lighting with incandescent lamps and other high energy consuming devices; roadway lighting with energy saving lamps. The results shows that much energy were conserved when the smart networks is in use than other technologies which waste energy as a result of insensitivity to environmental response.
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